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Our goal and task is to provide high-quality accounting
service to Oscar nomination each year.

This involves countless hours of analyzing the numbers finding the right ones and so much more. We are passionate about it and we love working this.

Overall Oscar accounting

This part of our services will test and check all the figures and numbers of the Oscar nomination and provide them in a detailed file.

Nominee accounting

This part is focused on the accounting related to the nominees of the Oscar.

Real results in hours

We can provide the first results and the first details within hours depending on the project.

Team work

We have the best team who works hard to deliver the results in the best manner.

Why we are the best?

We have the best possible team behind the scenes who makes all this possible.

Our team has been working with the most complex matters for years and today, they are ready to tackle any responsibility, any mission and to complete it with 100% success rate.

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Complete Accounting


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For nominees and Oscar
200 values
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